Meet The Printing Press Team

The Printing Press, Ltd. is a family-owned business located in Charleston, West Virginia.  Founded in 1983, The Printing Press, Ltd. has grown steadily over the last 34 years. We take pride in being a company large enough to meet your job’s requirements, but still small enough to understand how important every little detail is.

Sandy Underwood
Owner/Senior Sales Consultant

There are not too many in the industry that is more knowledgeable than Sandy. With close to 40 years of experience, she has seen the printing business evolve tremendously. She combines a down home charm with sophisticated ideas that give our customers a one of a kind experience that keeps them coming back year after year. Sandy and her husband built The Printing Press from the ground up literally in their own home. Since the business has grown, Sandy has always treated her employees like her own family. When not with her work family, Sandy enjoys spending time with her ever- growing home family, consisting of her own 3 adult children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She is also very active with her church and a dedicated and supportive wife.

Bob Underwood

Bob is the husband of co-owner Sandy Underwood and a very hands-on partner of The Printing Press. As a recent recipient of a heart transplant, Bob has overcome adversity that most cannot imagine. All while keeping a smile on his face and a joke in his back pocket. If there is something that needs repaired at the shop, and Bob can’t fix it, it probably can’t be fixed. With experience in electricity, construction and other skilled trades, Bob is an asset to any operation. He loves his employees and family alike, and once you meet him, you can’t help but to love him right back. Bob enjoys spending time at his cabin, working on projects around the house and always looks forward to the family’s annual Disney World vacation!

Bill Gleason
Vice President

Husband of Kari, Bill has been a part of the Printing Press team for close to 30 years! He is the primary cutting tech for all the paper that comes through the shop. Bill has paper cutting down to a science. Always a diligent worker, but never too busy to stop what he’s doing to help out a co-worker with any problems they might have. He is also The Printing Press’ chief purchasing agent, making sure the team has all paper and supplies they need to execute the jobs quickly and accurately. When not at the shop, Bill enjoys WVU and Alabama football, and spending time with his wife and children. He is also a skilled carpenter.

Kari Gleason
Office Manager/Finance Director

Kari is a second generation family member who has been involved with the business from the very start. Kari is one of the friendly, helpful voices that tend to our customer calls and also does quotes, billing, payroll, promotional and many other duties key to the success of our shop. Kari is also our resident chef! She makes our workplace feel more like a second home when she graces the company kitchen to whip up meals for holidays, birthdays, or just any time she finds the time to feed the team. You know it’s going to be a good day when Kari brings groceries in to work with her! She also works part time at The Appalachian Reading Center, and has home schooled all of her four children. A busy gal, but never too busy to help a customer or co-worker.

Jeff Beary
Prepress Supervisor

Jeff has been an employee with the Printing Press for over 15 years. He enjoys working closely with customers on their orders from concept to completion, helping them with any questions or details they have along the way. He has graphic design abilities and indepth knowledge of printing products and processes and is available to help with any customer needs. Jeff is generally the first and last set of eyes of most all projects that come through the shop. His impeccable eye for detail ensure that every product we fulfill is of the highest quality and accuracy. He is a true leader and team player. He is a husband and father and has 4 beautiful children.

Mike Trembley
Senior Press Operator

With almost 35 years of experience in the industry, Mike is a master of his craft. He operates one of the largest four color presses in the state of WV. Mike originally hails from Connecticut, and has also worked in print shops in the Florida area. Mike joined The Printing Press team 14 years ago and has since remained a quintessential team member with his extensive knowledge and consistent quality work. Mike is a die- hard New York sports fan, husband and father of two.

Bill Poston
Bindery Supervisor

With over 30 years experience in the industry, there is not many types of jobs that Bill hasn’t seen. Bill has mastered most all of the skills necessary to finish the jobs with accuracy and precision. Bill started working in print shops while still in high school and over the years has developed a keen eye for detail and an obsession for perfection in his work. Bill is the father of two adult children and spends much time caring for his mother.

Caroll Goodall
Graphic Design and Prepress

Caroll has graced our company for over four years, bringing 30 years experience in the various aspects of printing, design and layout. She will go the extra mile to make customers happy. Always willing to help in other departments if needed, and often handles the phones as well. She is very creative and detail oriented and enjoys designing jewelry and decorative painting in her spare time.

Elizabeth Hancock
Digital Press Operator

She has been with the company for 2 years. Elizabeth is a mother of 3 and has 4 grandchildren. After putting in a hard day’s work, she finds time to contribute many hours in the Drug And Alcohol Testing Industry. Elizabeth is one of the hardest workers a company could ask for. When not hard at work in the digital copier department, you can always catch her with a broom or some Pine Sol in her hands! She came into the position with virtually no experience, but in a very short time mastered her department and became a huge asset to the Printing Press’ digital solutions center.

JoAnne Burka

JoAnne Burka is the newest addition to our work family. She comes to us after 30 years with the Xerox Corporation. Over the years she has handled presales, sales, and post sales positions. For the Printing Press she handles Sales/Marketing and social media content. She will take great care of you from beginning to the end of each job. JoAnne has always been very active and loves the outdoors. She takes spin classes, runs, hikes, kayaks, and does TRX. (google it, she did 10 years ago).

JoAnne is a big animal lover. Currently she has 2 cats and is working on kidnapping her sister’s 2 year old toy poodle who she adores. JoAnne is a living kidney donor from 2012, and is now a big advocate for CORE, (Center for Organ Recovery and Education). While volunteering for CORE she shares her story in hopes of getting unregistered people to check that box. It saves lives! Let JoAnne take care of all your printing and promotional needs, she will take great care of you then maybe take you for a run.

Jon Green
Bindery Tech

Jon is approaching his 3rd year with The Printing Press. He is proficient with all bindery equipment including paper folders, saddle-stitchers, cutters, and more. Jon is always one of the first ones to help out in any department and also with general maintenance of our facility. Always smiling and joking, Jon is a true delight work with. He is also a skilled mechanic and devoted father and grandfather.

Scott Hunter
Mailroom Supervisor/Customer Service Representative

At just over 2 years with The Printing Press, Scott is one of the newer team members. With no prior printing experience, he had a lot to learn, but has done so very quickly with the help of the veteran staff members. He brought his mailing experience from the Charleston, WV Ticketmaster to the mailing department here at the shop and tightened up the mail house to offer our customers outstanding mailing services from the same shop that provides them their printing. Beginning last year, Scott took on an additional role as an office assistant and customer service rep, helping Kari with promotional item orders and quotes. In the short time he has been with The Printing Press, Scott has developed solid relationships with some of our biggest clients and enjoys being in the mix with the customers and all departments of the shop. Scott is also a musician with his own local band, as well as an apprentice electrician.

Destiny Gleason
Mailroom Specialist/Office Assistant

Destiny is the granddaughter of owners Sandy and Bob Underwood, and daughter of Bill and Kari Gleason. She virtually grew up in the shop. She is a diligent worker and true problem solver. When not at The Printing Press, Destiny is an avid world traveler. With too many countries visited to mention, her passport has more pages in it than our employee handbook! She is also working on a future career in law enforcement and criminal investigation.

Company Companion and Mascot  

If you’re ever at the Printing Press office or shop, you may look down to notice a fuzzy face and wagging tail. That would be Cricket! Cricket comes to work with us from time to time to spread positive vibes, hunt for critters, and any food anyone may have “accidently” dropped. Cricket is a very outgoing member of the team, not too shy to hop right up on the laps of employees and customers alike to spread a little love like only she can.